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A hen is only an egg's way
of making another egg.

                                            Samuel Butler (1835 - 1902)
English Novelist and Author


ACM DL Author-ize serviceA measure of control
Phillip G. Armour
Communications of the ACM, 2012

Watts, on First                                              

In the mid 90s I attended a presentation by the late Watts Humphrey where he remonstrated with a set of executives of a large US company for investing so heavily in metrics.  The company had an SEI CMM Level 1 maturity rating which meant that their processes were "ad hoc" and therefore different for each project.  Watts asserted that there was no point in careful measurement since all it would tell them was that their processes were different for each project...

...which they already knew.

The Five Core Metrics                                                      

According to the SEI and Larry Putnam Sr., there are only a few metrics we absolutely must collect.  But even with these simple measures there are many issues with collecting them and what they mean.

Intrinsic and Artificial Variability                                 

When we measure things, there are two kinds of variability that can creep into our measurements:

...So to summarize: in order to control something we have to measure it, but in order to measure it effectively, we need to exert some control....



A Measure of Control