Applicant Evaluation & Onboarding

Helping organizations select the right candidates for senior positions is essential for the growth and health of the enterprise. The "right candidate" must have more than the relevant technical and managerial skills and a resume full of the "right" experience—they must have a work style that will fit with and complement the corporate culture.

Being the right candidate for the right position is perhaps even more important to the person applying. Our approach to candidate selection does not simply help the organization, it helps those who would like to work in the organization.

The ideal result is that the right person finds the right position and the position is filled with the best candidate.

Corvus provides assistance to both company and applicant before and during the application process.

To complement the application, we have an entire onboarding approach and support program that maximizes the contribution of a new executive during the critical first six-to-12 months in the position.