Team Assessment & Development

The primary driving force in most companies is the ability of people to work together. If we don't understand each other or we cannot communicate with our team members, it does not matter how good our technical or managerial skills are. Most people in modern organizations are highly trained in individual problem solving skills, and they are very good at it. Problems arise when the work must be done cooperatively and extensive research shows that one of the most critical factors in organizational success is team capability.

Corvus has spent decades developing customized solutions to the specific environments in which teams operate. We have seen and measured orders-of-magnitude improvements in the performance of teams within a matter of weeks. We combine proven cognitive and behavioral models with solid development practices to help teams understand and overcome the roadblocks that are preventing them from fulfilling their promise. We have achieved significant team effectiveness increases measured by team members and stakeholders within six months.

Our approach involves:

  • Analyzing all the challenges confronting the teams

  • A comprehensive program that addresses all the issues

  • Developing leadership and organizational engagement processes

  • Measurement using pre and post performance metrics

  • Before, during, and after individual and team coaching

  • Post program support