Executive Career Development

Helping a skilled and experienced executive navigate to the next stage of their career is a key piece of Corvus International's skill set and professional offerings.

It is not just about locating an attractive position, it is about helping executives discover what they want out of their next role, what environment they need, and where and how they can best contribute.

Supported by a battery of psychometric assessment instruments , Corvus can help steer the leader through the complex and confusing maze of:

  • What do I really want?

  • Where and how can I best contribute?

  • How can I grow my skill set?

  • What environment do I need to flourish?

In support of an executive's search for the best next step, Corvus can develop high-impact CVs and professional online presence to help the target company appreciate who this candidate is and what they can bring to the enterprise.

As the executive transitions into the new enterprise, Corvus can provide state-of-the-art onboarding processes complete with metric evaluations that assist the new leader, assist the organization, and provide high quality insights and actions that will greatly enhance early results for the benefit of all.